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Monday, November 28, 2011


                                                        GUCCI TURNS 90
                                                         BY MIKE KAGEE

Frida Giannini has been the director of Gucci for six years and is
almost unknown in the fashion industry but within the Gucci walls
she is a formidable force......
  Giannini has steered the company from disarray into pole
  position in the rather tough fashion industry in Europe.
  During her reign profits for Gucci has been around 25%
  Gucci has turned 90 and Giannini has come up with a different
  rather grand way ' To tell the Gucci Story'
    Frida Giannini is a cool 39years and has a lot to live for before
    her 40th birthday which is a challenging age for most creatives.
     Giannini has realized that you do not achieve great success
     by only designing Gucci handbags but it is the entire collection
     that gets the message across, the reason for great success.
     Gucci turning 90 years has come up with a rather grand way
     of telling the Gucci story.......
     This year saw the opening of the Gucci Museo in Florence, Italy
      a new public museum in a 14th-century palazzo in which
      handbags, coats and jewellery from the the Gucci archive will
      go on display alongside work by contemporary artists and
      inaugural installation by Bill Viola.
      What the museum will do for Gucci is to show how the brand
      has outgrown fashion and has become part of our culture.
      It also shows the embracing of the Gucci label and how
      Frida Giannini will take Gucci beyond it's 90 YEARS

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