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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mario Testino

Portraits of Mario Testino
Shooting stars are Mario Testino's raw material and 'shooting' stars is what he does.To be the subject of a Testino photograph is either already to be a star or suddenly to become one. A generation of models can testify to the fact a Testino cover is a passport to the height of fashion.When Testino turns his lens upon is by definition fashion, be it a place or a thing. Testino girls and boys have stared at us from magazines. gazed out of books and stared down at us from lofty billboards. 
                        Kate Moss in Vogue
                         Kate Moss 'The Face' in Paris

                          Kate Moss in US Vogue
                           Carolyn Murphy in Vogue

                         Madonna in Vanity Fair

                          Madonna 'Ray of Light' Album cover by Testino 

                         Madonna in Versace

                       Julia Roberts in Vanity Fair

                        Cameron Diaz in Vanity Fair

                         Elton John in The Telegraph Paris

                       Shalom Harlow in British Vogue

                                 Naomi Campbell in British Vogue

                   Naomi Campbell and Model Clan by Testino

                         Kate Moss in French Vogue

                         Rhea Durham and Jeff Goldblum in British Vogue

                       Catherine Zeta Jones in Vanity Fair
Mario Testino
Mario Testino came to 
London in the late 1970s
and made his name in British,
American and French Vogue

                                    Mario Testino 
Edited and written by Mike Kagee  


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