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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Andres Valencoso Segura by Mike Kagee

Andres Valencoso Segura
From The Cover Of 
Vanity Fair
To Vogue Magazine

Andres Valencoso Segura has been on the covers of many fashion magazines. He was born
on March 11, 1978. Andres was flown to New York because of his good looks and unable
to speak a word of English. He worked with the best in fashion such as with fashion photographers,
 Francois Nars and Michael Thompson.

                      Andres Valencoso Segura on the cover of Vogue
                      Andres Valencosa Segura in Vogue
 Andres Valencoso Segura has has landed lucrative contract with major fashion houses such
as H&M and has appeared on the covers of  Arena Homme, Hercules, Elle Vanity Fair.
                       Story by Mike Kagee

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