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Monday, March 7, 2011

Naomi Campbell by Mike Kagee

of 'Creative Model
Placements Worldwide'
Mike Kagee
on Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell
is a Hot 40
        'I do not worry about my age anymore. I look after
            myself. I work out. But beauty to me is about taking
            care of the inside'
               Naomi Campbell is a true beauty

Naomi has graced the covers of Love
GQ Russia, Vogue Russia
and many more
She also fronted the Dennis Basso's
Rosa Spring/Summer 2011

'Most advertising Campaigns are not using enough      
black models right now' she sighs
'In the past there has hardly been any at all.
I am still an exception in the business.
'A very strong view I also have'
and my reason for starting the
 'Creative Model Placements Worldwide'
Group and Campaign
to bring back the black, ethnic and exotic
Naomi Campbell in Moscow, Russia
Naomi Campbell still a Supermodel at 40
Story by Mike Kagee


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